Save it, Hump Boy

Geico's M&Ms TV ad

At first I thought Ms. Brown M&M was making a statement about Obama-care and her difficulties in getting health insurance….   But no, this mash up is dizzying in a, “Get me off this stupid carousel before I barf” kind of way, not a fun, “Let’s have just one more” kind of way.   Should I be buying insurance or chocolate or just……hitting fast forward on the DVR??  What the hell is this ad selling anyway?

The cast of ad characters in this 30 second spot is dizzying.  Ms. Brown M&M, tries to get insurance from the Geico Gecko, and as she gets off the elevator to exit said Geico office tower, the Geico Hump day camel appears.   WHaaaaa????

The ad world has worked itself into a lightheaded, woozy buzz over this recent Geico/M&M’s collab.  Luckily for me, I was sober when I saw it.

OK, admittedly, I laughed when Ms. Brown M&M tells the over-exuberant Hump-day Camel to “Save it, Hump Boy.”  My last few posts covered that ads that entertain don’t necessarily sell.  While entertaining the viewer seems to be the de facto route to breaking through the clutter, and while I celebrate these mega brands for partnering and splitting the cost (…presumably), again, I ask the question:   Does.  It.  Sell.   Question mark.

Only after reading the ad world buzz do I get the story line: Ms. Brown is getting denied insurance because everyone is trying to eat her….and after waiting, said “15 minutes, and, you know what that means…” which is an impotent reference to Geico’s “15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance” tag.  Geico’s Gecko may lose his job because he only insures humans.  Ms. Brown leaves the building.  Enter stage left: Geico Hump-day camel.

And the ad broke on a Wednesday.  Get it?  Hump Day? ……………..Anyone?  ………….Bueller?  …..Bueller?

Wow.  Talk about navel gazing.  Well, at least Geico exercised some discipline and spared us by only casting two of their many mascots.  Anyone miss the Geico pig?  The Geico owls?  The Geico Duck?  Oh, wait that’s Aflac.  Or did you miss a cameo by Flo?  (I’m quite sure you didn’t-  she’s such a treat).  Oh, no wait that’s Progressive.

Ugh.  Any wonder I’m dizzy? The Noah’s Ark ensemble is just confusing.  Save ME, hump boy.


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